Homeowner Insurance Coverages During Tornado Season

Unfortunately, tornado season has been a rough one this year. We have witnessed much devastation and couldn’t help but think, “I hope they had good homeowner insurance coverages”. This thought is not from a selfish standpoint, but rather a professional who knows the risks and can help people avoid total loss in the event of a covered peril.

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Virginia Home Insurance | Protection Before Tornado Season

What’s in Your Policy? Do You Have The Right Coverages?

The Insurance Advisor | Virginia Home Insurance | (804) 638-9024 First, let’s start with the safety factors for tornado season. We’re going to cover Virginia Home Insurance | Protection Before Tornado Season.  While no home can ever be made “tornado-proof,” homeowners prepare for tornadoes ahead of time can improve the odds of their home surviving high winds by taking these precautions.

According to wikipedia, a tornado watch is issued when weather conditions are favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms that are capable of producing tornadoes.  In most cases, the potential exists for large hail and/or damaging winds in addition to tornadoes.

A watch does not mean that the severe weather is actually occurring, only that atmospheric conditions have created a significant risk for it. If severe weather actually does occur, a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning would then be issued. Note that a watch is not required for a warning to be issued; tornado warnings are occasionally issued when a severe thunderstorm watch is active, or when no watches are in effect), if a severe thunderstorm develops and has a confirmed tornado or strong rotation.

Take these additional steps to protect yourself and your family:

  • Decide where your safe place is going to be.  An interior room, basement or local shelter.  When a tornado approaches, go there immediately. If you have no time to get to shelter, head to the center most part of your basement or home — away from windows and preferably under something sturdy like a workbench or staircase. The more walls between you and the outside, the better.
  • Become familiar with your community’s severe weather warning system and make certain every adult and teenager in your family knows what to do when a tornado watch or warning sounds.
  • Learn about your workplace’s disaster safety plans and similar measures at your children’s schools or day care centers.
  • Create a family plan in case you are able to move to a community shelter and identify escape routes from your home and neighborhood and designate an emergency meeting place for your family to reunite if you become separated.
  • Establish a contact point to communicate with concerned relatives. Keep in mind, when a tragedy hits a large geographical area, everyone is calling someone, or emergency departments from their cell phone.
  • Keep an emergency kit readily available.  Include a three-day supply of drinking water and food you don’t have to refrigerate or cook; first aid supplies; a portable weather radio; a wrench and other basic tools; a flashlight (there are flashlights with a wind up power source versus the need for batteries.  Consider extras like work gloves; portable lanterns; clothing; blankets; baby items.
  • Move anything in your yard that can become flying debris inside your house or garage before a storm strikes. Do this only if authorities have announced a tornado watch, however. If authorities have announced a tornado warning, leave it all alone.
  • Don’t open your windows. You won’t save the house, as once thought, and you may actually make things worse by giving wind and rain a chance to get inside.

A tornado can seriously impact many areas of your life – your home, your apartment, your car, your business!  WE CARE!


The Insurance Advisor | Virginia Home Insurance | (804) 638-9024 There are many ways to purchase Virginia Home Insurance.  For homeowners to make sure they have the right protection in place, it is highly recommended to meet with a licensed insurance professional to review your policy.  There are many choices in coverages, endorsements, discounts, and more.  It can be a bit overwhelming, and our agents at The Insurance Advisor can help.

Home Insurance policies in Virginia can be  very different and the price of insurance varies based off the risk of the home, location, etc.  If you can think of anything, realize that you’re not buying a commodity;  you’re protecting your financial well being…and the choices you make could affect you for the rest of your life.  After you read this post, check out our page for additional Virginia Home Insurance at Virginia Home Insurance Information.

Our motto is “Expect More. Receive More.”  The Insurance Advisor is a full service independent insurance agency representing many of Virginia’s premier personal and commercial insurance carriers. With a combined experience of over 70 years in the Virginia insurance industry, our agents are knowledgeable and competent specializing in, not only home insurance, but also auto, renters, boat, motorcycle, business automobile, workers compensation, and general liability. With our utilization of cutting edge automation, we’re able to provide superior service to our clients including A+ rated insurance products.

So, let’s get together and review your homeowners insurance policy to make sure you have sufficient coverage to rebuild your life and home after a tornado. Report any property damage to your insurance agent or company representative immediately after a natural disaster and make temporary repairs to prevent further damage. For information about filing an insurance claim after a natural disaster, contact The Insurance Advisor.

Here are a few link for you to become prepared, protect your family – including your pets!  

The Insurance Advisor | Virginia Home Insurance | (804) 638-9024 Here in the USA, tornadoes have occurred in every month, so any time is a good time to review tornado safety procedures – for home, for school, for work, in the car, and while out and about. And if you are considering a storm shelter, take a look at Tornado Project Online to learn more about shelters.

If you don’t regularly watch or listen to the weather report, but strange clouds start moving in and the weather begins to look stormy, turn to your local radio/television station or visit www.weather.com to get the weather forecast.

Remember, if a tornado “watch” is issued for your area, it means that a tornado is “possible.”  If a tornado “warning” is issued, it means that a tornado has actually been spotted, or is strongly indicated on radar, and it is time to go to a safe shelter immediately.

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Source: Institute for Business and Home Safety. IBHS is a national nonprofit initiative of the insurance industry to reduce deaths, injuries, property damage, economic losses and human suffering caused by natural disasters.

 Virginia Home Insurance | Protection Before Tornado Season

Virginia Home Insurance Coverages – Quick Video!

What’s In Your Policy?

Mortgage lenders will require homeowners to insure their home for at least the value of the money you borrowed. Check out this quick video to learn about Virginia Home Insurance Coverages, the basic homeowner coverages and options, that may be available to you. Contact one of our licensed agents for a free consultation today. (804) 638-9024


Virginia Home Insurance | Avoiding Claims in the Winter

How to Keep Your Insurance Costs from Rising

Virginia Home Insurance | Avoiding Claims in the Winter - The Insurance Advisor | (804) 638-9024Winters in Virginia can be long with temperatures ranging from mildly to bitterly cold. Kansas City’s average January low is 26 °F and St. Louis’s average January low is 29 °F.  While our agents are here to help our clients with any claim needs; we also want to help clients avoid winter damage to their home.

Losses from snow, ice and freezing temperatures have averaged about $1.2 billion a year, and may be double that amount this year. This article provides useful tips for homeowners to keep in mind during the winter months. Virginia Home Insurance | Avoiding Claims in the Winter.

Outside Maintenance

  • Virginia Home Insurance | Avoiding Claims in the Winter - The Insurance Advisor | (804) 638-9024Clean out gutters so melting snow and ice can flow freely. This can prevent ice damming, which is what happens when water is unable to drain through the gutters and instead permeates into the house.
  • Install gutter guards to prevent debris from entering the gutter and interfering with the flow of water.
  • Trim trees and remove dead branches. Ice and snow can sometimes become very heavy and could cause weak trees or branches to break free and damage your home.
  • Repair steps and handrails so that visitors on your property are safe and avoid injury.
  • Seal cracks and holes in outside walls and foundations to prevent cold air and moisture from entering your home.

How to Avoid Freezing Pipes & Water Damage

  • Virginia Home Insurance | Avoiding Claims in the Winter - The Insurance Advisor | (804) 638-9024Keep the house warm. Set the thermostat no lower than 65 degrees.
  • During super harsh cold weather, turn on faucets so that a trickle of water continues running through the pipes.
  • Check pipes. Look closely for the presence of cracks and leaks, and have them repaired immediately. Pipes in attics and crawl spaces should be protected with insulation.
  • Install an emergency pressure release valve in your plumbing system. This will protect the system against increased pressure caused by freezing pipes and can help prevent your pipes from bursting.
  • Add extra insulation to attics, basements and crawl spaces. If too much heat escapes through the attic, it can cause snow or ice to melt on the roof. Water then can refreeze, leading to more ice build-up—and even ice dams that can damage your roof.
  • Have a back-up power source. In the event of a power outage, continuous power will keep you warm and help to prevent frozen pipes, or a frozen battery operated sump-pump.


  • Virginia Home Insurance | Avoiding Claims in the Winter - The Insurance Advisor | (804) 638-9024Flooding related to melting snow can cause sewer systems to overflow; hence causing raw sewage to back up into the drains in your home. Some carriers offer water & sewer backup coverage.  This coverage is not part of the typical homeowners insurance policy, but may be purchased as an endorsement.
  • Sewer backup is NOT covered with flood insurance. Flood Insurance is a separate policy available from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  Flood insurance covers floods from tidal surge and overflowing bodies of water.
  • Install a Backwater Prevention Valve. A backwater valve is a fixture installed into a sewer line, and sometimes into a drain line, in the basement of your home or business to prevent sewer backflows.

Wood Stoves & Fire Places

  • Virginia Home Insurance | Avoiding Claims in the Winter - The Insurance Advisor | (804) 638-9024Remove combustible items placed near any hart sources. This includes wood stoves and space heaters.
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Not only do residential fires increase in the winter, but so does carbon monoxide poisoning—so check that your detectors are in working condition on a regular basis.
  • Have your heating systems serviced. Furnaces, boilers and chimneys should be serviced at least once a year to prevent fire and smoke damage.

What’s in Your Policy?

Most homeowners insurance policies have a deductible that the insured is responsible for paying. And if the claim exceeds the policy’s limits, the insured could be responsible for additional costs.  Licensed agents with The Insurance Advisor will review homeowner policies at no charge. Winter damage could cause insurmountable damage, so it is important to make sure the right coverages are in place.

Loretta Worters, spokeswoman for the Insurance Information Institute, said most standard homeowners’ and renters’ policies cover damage from burst pipes and other winter-related mishaps, including roofs that collapse from the weight of snow and water damage from ice dams.

It’s best to check your policy ahead of time, to make sure you know just what it covers, and what your coverage limits are.

Virginia Home Insurance Coverages

From the Basic Coverages to Custom Packages


Virginia Home Insurance Coverages | The Insurance Advisor | (804) 638-9024

The Insurance Advisor understands the various needs of Virginia homeowners, and can help homeowners understand the available Virginia Home Insurance Coverages.  Our agents will conduct a free review of the homeowner’s current situation and create a custom homeowner insurance package that specifically protects the individual and/or family with dwelling, personal property, other structures, liability, medical, and specialized insurance coverages. Read more

Earthquake Coverage | Virginia Department of Insurance

NEWS RELEASE: Virginia Department of Insurance encourages homeowners to consider earthquake coverage

As Published on Dept. Of Insurance Blog

Contact:  public.govdelivery.com


Department of Insurance

Jefferson City, Mo. – The Virginia Department of Insurance is encouraging homeowners to check their insurance policies for earthquake coverage. Only three out of every 10 homes are covered in Virginia. That number drops to two out of every 10 homes in the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

The New Madrid area is the most active earthquake zone in the U.S. east of the Rocky Mountains. Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover earthquake damage. Separate earthquake coverage, called an “endorsement,” must be purchased.

“Having earthquake coverage is the best way to ensure you and your family, as well as our state, can recover from an earthquake,” said Insurance Director John M. Huff. However, the department’s 2015 Earthquake Report shows that Virginia is experiencing a coverage crisis.

“We have reached a critical juncture where the amount of uninsured property in Virginia will soon eclipse the amount of insured residential property, estimated at $101 billion. This could jeopardize our ability to fully recover from a major earthquake.”

Some homeowners may not buy coverage, expecting the federal government to help rebuild their homes should a major earthquake hit, Huff said. Under FEMA’s Individual Assistance program, the maximum grant award is $32,900, far less than what most homes are worth.

# # #

The Insurance Advisor is part of the Trusted Choice Network (804) 638-9024

The Insurance Advisor to find out if your property qualifies for Earthquake Coverage. Give us a call! (804) 638-9024 Our agents will conduct a free assessment of your current policy and we will shop your insurance for you!  That’s right, simply provide your declarations page to an agent and we can process the assessment.  Our goal is to ensure you are properly protected.

Virginia Independent Insurance Agent Opportunity

Virginia Insurance Agents Program | The Insurance Advisor (804) 638-9024

Virginia Independent Insurance Agent Opportunity

The Insurance Advisor, LLC  is seeking experienced, Virginia Independent Insurance Agents that would like to build an Independent Agency, own 100 percent of their book of business, and earn more commissions than
a captive agent or associate producer employee.

Qualified Virginia Independent Insurance Agents who are accepted into The Insurance Advisor Agent Program will have access to our agency infrastructure (Agency Management System, Agency Comparative Rater, Cloud Applications, Agency Digital Tools and Resources, etc…), our extensive agency market portfolio of carriers, our agency E&O, own 100 percent of your book and leave at any time.  This is a great Virginia Independent Insurance Agent Opportunity.

The Insurance Advisor, LLC is a Virginia Independent Insurance Agency and a member of the Smart Choice Agents network.    Therefore, a  TIA Agents Program Team Member will benefit from the many diversified market opportunities and benefits of the Smart Choice Agents Program, but also from the additional markets and benefits of the TIA Agency.


Highlights of The Insurance Advisor Agent Program

Smart Choice Agent Program Main Features

  1.  No start-up fees

  2. No monthly fees

  3. 100% ownership of book of business

  4. Opportunity to earn bonuses and contingencies

  5. Perpetuate your business the way you desire

  6. Many other benefits — vendor discounts, etc…


Smart Choice Virginia Insurance Company Partners

  1. Travelers
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  5. Metlife Small Business
  6. Donegal
  7. CNA
  8. The Hartford
  9. Main Street
  10. The Tower Group
  11. Grange
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  22. Atlas Insurance Services
  23. 5 Star

Visit www.smartchoiceagents.com to learn more about the Smart Choice Agents Program.   Please check out this Company info in our Smart Choice Magazine:   Smart Choice Historical Time Line–Company History and Current Information


The Insurance Advisor Agent Program

  1. Smart Choice Agent Program Benefits
  2. Additional Markets outside of the Smart Choice Program
    1. ASI
    2. Amtrust
    3. Progressive Home Advantage Program
    4. Coastal Agents Alliance
    5. Titan
    6. Berkshire Hathaway Guard
    7. AIC
    8. Gainsco
    9. We will continue to add more as we grow
  3. Team Training and Sales/Service Assistance
  4. Shared Services and Tools (Expenses divided among Team Members)
    1. Agency Management System
    2. Comparative PL Rater
    3. Google Apps Office Productivity & eMail Account
    4. Website and Online Marketing
    5. E&O for appointed accounts
    6. Office Space if needed, with office equipment: Phone, Internet, Printer, Scanner, etc…
  5. Team Member Insurance Master Mind Group


Qualifications for The Insurance Advisor Agent Program

  1. Virginia Licensed P&C and/or  Life and Health Agent producer for at least three years
  2. NO E&O claims
  3. Demonstrated ability to provide high quality sales and services to insurance clients
  4. Demonstrated ability to own and to manage an  Independent Insurance Agency

Learn More about The Insurance Advisor Agent Program

Virginia Independent Insurance Agent Opportunity via The Insurance Advisor Agent Program (804) 638-9024

Who would not be interested in The Insurance Advisor Agent Program?

Contact  Roger L. Gill​

The Insurance Advisor, LLC
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Where to Learn More About Home Insurance in Arnold MO

Understanding Your Home Insurance Options

Where to Learn more about Home insurance in Arnold MO | The Insurance Advisor® of Chesterfield | (804) 638-9024

The Insurance Advisor® of Chesterfield knows it is important to help home owners understand their options and how to best protect their family and belongings in case of a loss.  Our agents are here to help home owners know where to learn more about home insurance in Arnold MO.

There are many coverage options you can have in your policy.  On your declaration page you will see several terms; including  dwelling coverage and personal property coverage.  The word dwelling in your home insurance policy actually refers to your home itself and attached structures, such as an attached garage.  One of our experienced agents can run a cost analysis that calculates the cost to rebuild your home. If you don’t adjust the amount of insurance for your dwelling appropriately, you may not have enough insurance to replace your home if disaster strikes.

Your personal property includes all your personal items, such as furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, etc.  Your personal property limit is usually 70% – 75% of your dwelling limit.  However, you can adjust this upward if you need more protection, discuss your options with us. We’re here to help!

Detailed information about home owner insurance and how to contact us can be found on our website page: Where to Learn More About Home Insurance in Arnold MO.

Read more

Chesterfield Virginia Insurance Agency

The #1 Chesterfield Missouir Insurance Agency That Works For YOU!

Chesterfield Virginia Insurance Agency | The Insurance Advisor® of Chesterfield | (804) 638-9024If you are looking for a Chesterfield Virginia Insurance Agency, consider speaking with our professional agents with The Insurance Advisor® of Chesterfield insurance agency. You may have seen the terms independent insurance agencies, captive agencies. and so forth.  We are going to explain the difference, and why you should visit our independent insurance agency – The Insurance Advisor® of Chesterfield.

It is important to select an agency with agents who have been licensed for longer than a few years–our agent staff has a combined experience of over 60 years in the insurance industry–they are knowledgeable and competent.  Our agency requires all staff to maintain their credentials so we are always up to date on the many changes within the insurance industry.  It is imperative to select an agency with up to date license. The Virginia Department of Insurance explains the agency requirements. Our agents’ license is proof they we have passed state examinations that require a thorough understanding of insurance policies and practices.  Rest assured, The Insurance Advisor® of Chesterfield insurance agency upholds to these standards.

Read more

Chesterfield Virginia Insurance Agent

The Insurance Advisor® of Chesterfield Is Your Trusted Partner

Chesterfield Virginia Insurance Agent | The Insurance Advisor® of Chesterfield | (804) 638-9024Often times our agents meet potential customers who have had an insurance agent for years and whom they have never met.  It is shocking to me that people put their life in the hands of a stranger and have no personal connection or relationship with their Chesterfield Virginia Insurance Agent. The Insurance Advisor® of Chesterfield agents pride ourselves on the fact that we take great interest in our clients’ and their family’s well-being. It is important that our clients trust the staff and licensed agents of our company.

We sit down with our clients and give a comprehensive account review to make sure they have the best protection.  We explain the coverage options, benefits, and potential risks based off their needs versus current their current insurance coverages. We take the time to walk our client’s through every step of the decision process to make their experience as educational and informative as possible.

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